About Me

Hi guys, welcome to my blog.

My name is Louise and I am 21 years young from the UK.

I decided to create a blog because I love beauty. I love rambling on about makeup and different beauty products however my friends and family do not share the same love for beauty as me. I know that there are loadssss of you out there who have the same interest as me though, so that means I can ramble away to you guys instead and we can share our love for beauty together!

I decided that I would share some added lifestyle on my blog so that you can get to know more about me. Things like personal experiences I have had to deal with and just general things about life! Also included will be places, cities and countries I have visited. As well as that I have decided to include fashion, who doesn’t want to see what other people have been buying in shops for inspiration? I know I do! However, I am not a fashion expert and my style is pretty basic…

I am a bubbly person so how you read my writing is basically how I would say it in real life. My style may not be very academic, there may be some mistakes or things that you wouldn’t tend to find in the dictonary but it allows my blog to become more personal.

 I really hope you enjoy reading my blog and can join me on my journey! Maybe we can be friends? Check out my social media icons on the home page and follow me and my blog if you’d like to connect. I am grafeful for every single one of you who checks out my blog and those who leave lovely comments. Thank you!


Louise Loves Beauty