ABH Dip Brow Gel

This was such a random purchase whilst I was feeling spendy on Cult Beauty. I saw it on the new section and just added it to my basket. The product sounds very interesting. It is the sister product to the very popular dip brow. I haven’t actually tried the dip brow myself but I have tried some pomades from other brands. I personally do not like pomades as they are time consuming and I find it difficult to achieve the look I am going for. So, I was intrigued- a pomade in gel form sounds perfect to me! I love anything that is quick and easy.

The ABH dip brow gel promises to be smudge-proof, pigmented, long wearing, waterproof, and settle into a matte finish. There are 11 shades which is amazing as there is a shade for everyone. I really like the packaging, I think the gold addition to the bottle looks classy.

I have the shade Taupe

Pros: I really like the shade, it is a true taupe shade I hate any kind of brown/warm colour in my brows. The colour is very pigmented, it shows up well on your brows and adds definition. The gel keeps your brows in place all day, they really do set- no stray hairs for me! Also, I can confirm it is definitely long wearing and smudge-proof. At the end of the day I wiped my brows with my fingers and no colour rubbed off and my brow hairs still stayed in the same place- I was very impressed! The dip brow gel definitely is a pomade in a bottle, my brows have never looked so good so quick. I’ve tried some brow gels in the past that have made my brows hard but this product doesn’t do that!

Cons: I just wish the brush was a little smaller and slightly thinner. I feel that I would be able to be precise especially with the start and end of my brows. I always find it difficult when it comes to the start of my brows as there is a lot of product is on the end of the brush just like in the above picture and as it is quite wet so if it goes on my skin it messes everything up. You also need to be careful that you do not use too much product as it could get clumpy and gloopy quickly.

Overall, I really like this product. I just need to get used to the brush. I use this on it’s own for when I can’t be bothered to fill in my brows and the product makes it look like I’ve made an effort. I also use it to set my brows when I have filled them in with pencil and they look amazing! The dip brow gel really gives you fuller and defined brows in a few strokes! I think £19 is a very good price and I will repurchase! My brows really do look good with this product- but as I said I just need to get used to the brush and applying the product as I haven’t tried anything like it. I wouldn’t let the brush put you off though as it might just be me- it’s still an amazing product and now my go to brow product- I am now putting away my Benefit gimme-brow (the brush on that product is perfect, maybe that is why I’m being a bit picky).

Have you tried the ABH dip brow gel? What do you think? Click here for my last post- which is another eyebrow product review! Thanks for reading x

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