I have never looked into KIKO. I only went into the store in a mall when I went to Lanzarote, and that was just because it was one of the few stores I actually have heard of! However, I am glad I discovered the brand as I have now found my new favourite lipsticks and lip liners! 

KIKO Smart Fusion Lipstick in the shade 404 Rosy Biscuit 

The lipstick claims to be nourishing which I agree with. I love a lipstick that feels moisturising, which I am all about now as I hate matte lips. The colour is pigmented and glides on easily. The lipstick lasts a good amount of time and doesn’t settle in any areas. It just looks flattering. I love wearing lipgloss over the top just to be extra and keep the colour going for even longer. The colour is a nice mauvey, brown pink shade. I normally go for colours like this because they look pretty and overall just suit me. I love easy to wear lipsticks so I do not have to worry about it all day and can easily reapply. I reach for this lipstick over all my other lipsticks even high end! This lipstick only costs £3.99 so this is a good find!

KIKO Smart Fusion Lip liner left: 505 Vintage Rose right: 504 Rosy Biscuit 

I have tried a few lip liners some high end and some high street but these are my favourites at the moment. They just glide on well, there’s nothing worse than a pencil that drags on your lips. The pencil is opaque and slightly creamy which I love as it doesn’t look dry. Both of the lip liners look good under the lipstick above. The vintage rose lipstick is a dark pink nude shade, and rosy biscuit is more on the peachy side- this one is my favourite of the two. In the swatches I’d say both of the rosy biscuit shades do not look like a match but they look identical on the lips. The lip liners cost £2.50 which is amazing and there is nothing to complain about!

I’d love to know your thoughts on any of these KIKO products and if you have tried them! Thanks for reading x

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    • Louise
      February 18, 2019 / 6:33 pm

      So pretty! xx

  1. February 18, 2019 / 2:17 pm

    I love that this lipstick isn’t matte, as I’m not liking matte either. The colour is really gorgeous and so are them lip liners xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    • Louise
      February 18, 2019 / 6:33 pm

      I feel like matte lips are not the thing anymore… well I hope haha!

  2. jade bevan
    February 18, 2019 / 7:07 pm

    i love this shade of lipsticks amazing blog post! thanks for sharing


  3. February 19, 2019 / 3:03 am

    I love the look of the lipstick shade, such a gorgeous shade. I really need to try more from Kiko, they’re such a great brand xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️

  4. February 19, 2019 / 4:11 pm

    I love Kiko products especially their lipsticks and eye shadows! There prices aren’t too expensive either! x

    • Louise
      February 19, 2019 / 5:18 pm

      I need to check out the eyeshadows! xx

  5. February 25, 2019 / 12:16 pm

    I have never tried anything KIKO either. We have recently had a store open up in our mall though so maybe I’ll pop in. These are my kinda colours!! I love a creamy lip liner because like you said, there’s nothing worse than a lip liner that drags along your lips – literally feels like you’ve scraped them haha! x

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