My Holiday To Lanzarote

This post is VERY late, I went to Lanzarote back in November for my birthday and I had the best time. I did forget to post about it though oops! I really liked Lanzarote. I didn’t really research about Lanzarote before going, I just chose an all inclusive hotel to relax and it happened to be in Puerto Del Carmen which I am happy about. There was things to do, nice beaches and good shopping centres.

I stayed at a hotel called Sol Lanzarote. It was a lovely hotel which had gates at the back of the pool area that opened to the beach front which was amazing. Even though I wasn’t keen on the food at the hotel, it was clean, the rooms were nice and big and the pool area was stunning.

I went to the shopping mall called Biosfera. They had a big Zara which I got quite carried away in. I bought a winter coat which was just what I looking for that was £100 in the UK but I paid 80€ which I was impressed about. Also a snake print skirt, and some tops. They had a Ray-Ban shop which I got some sunglasses for my Mum for Christmas. I saw white Chocolate Twix’s at a food stand which I was very excited about. I love twix’s and eat one pretty much everyday lol! You cannot get them in the UK so I went back nearer the end of the holiday to get more. My brother actually ordered loads of them off Amazon as he wanted to taste them and I wouldn’t let him have any of mine lol! They are so good!

I wanted to go to a Zoo so we had a quick google search and found Rancho Texas Park. We was only 5 mins away in a taxi from our hotel! It was a lovely little Zoo. We watched a sea lion show, an eagle show (an eagle’s wing smacked my mum in the head and I pulled my neck trying to avoid it which was so funny!) I was so excited when I saw a dolphin show and after we was allowed to get a picture with the dolphins. At first I was a bit nervous. I always over think things and was scared I’d fall in which obviously wasn’t going to happen hahaha! I hate doing things where loads of people are watching but I got over it and I am happy I got the picture! Also, the picture of the sea lion is funny as it touched my shoulder and I cringed a bit inside haha! It was such a cool experience when the tiger saw his zoo keeper! She was so happy to see him and she was touching him via the glass. He helped me get a picture where it looked like I was touching the tiger which was nice of him.

Overall, I had an amazing holiday to Lanzarote, it feels like ages ago! It was a nice relaxing winter holiday after my girls holiday to Malia!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Em
    January 6, 2019 / 2:15 pm

    I love your photos. Lanzarote looks and sounds like a lovely place. I hope you had a great time!

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