Revolution Eyebrow Gel Review

I was shopping online at Superdrug and without looking into the product I quickly added the Revolution Brow Gel to my basket. I just assumed this would be a normal eyebrow gel, which I was excited about. I have not tried many eyebrow products from the brand. However, this is not your usual eyebrow gel. The product is a brow gel that has brow fibre technology to add thickness and to shape eyebrows.

The Revolution eyebrow gel claims to be long lasting, water proof, budge proof and transfer proof which will make you have perfect brows in just 2 minutes. However, this is different to what I expected and I was quite confused on how this would work!

You use Revolution eyebrow gel on clean dry brows. I was expecting that this product would go over your filled in brows to make your brows look even better and fuller. Though, I think this product is supposed to be used on its own to make the perfect brow.

You are supposed to use feathering strokes to fill in the brows in the direction of the growth and then use the comb to brush out the brows. I am not a brow expert and I don’t have the best thick brows so I found this hard to use. It doesn’t help that I find the applicator makes it difficult to apply. I feel like it is too long and bendy to be precise and it looks messy especially, when I get to the end of my brows. It is easier to use the applicator in the middle of my brows. I also find it hard to brush this on the short hairs at the beginning of my brow as the brush is too long. I feel that you’d need to use a different brush to apply this to give a more precise application. You need to use a such a light hand so the colour does not go onto your skin where there is no hair. Otherwise, it will basically look like the swatch below haha argh!

I feel that this is a waste of time. Brows look better tinted or just filled in, rather than using this product. I wouldn’t recommend this at all! This could work well on people with amazing thick and full brows but I guess the point is this product is supposed to give that on it’s own, which I don’t feel it does. I have the shade blonde, but the shade does not match my brows. The colour on the brows look orange. I hate how this looks like paint when it is applied to areas where there is no hair.

I just really don’t like this Revolution eyebrow gel. I don’t understand it and I won’t use it again. If you have tried this product I’d love to know what you think! Thanks for reading! Click here to see my Makeup Revolution favourites.


  1. April 29, 2018 / 3:51 pm

    Thank you for the very genuine review Louise! I’ve never seen anything like it with an applicator like that! x It doesn’t look like it has the texture of a gel and think, for once, it’s far too pigmented to give those brows a natural finish. My brows are thin too so it would look SO weird on me! x An unfortunate miss from MR but a great review from you! x
    Marina Rosie x

    • Louise
      April 29, 2018 / 7:01 pm

      Aw that is so kind! It really is a weird product haha! Thanks for reading xx

  2. em
    May 5, 2018 / 3:44 pm

    I’ve never heard of this before, but it looks more like a concealer than a brow gel to me, haha!xx

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