Makeup Revolution Foundation Stick Review

Makeup Revolution got me so excited for the launch of the Fast Base foundation stick. The release of the concealer was a success so I had high hopes for the foundation. Though the concealer isn’t my favourite it is amazing for the money, so for a £5 foundation stick and the rate Makeup Revolution is going at I am pretty let down.

You must be thinking, Louise what more could you possibly want? A full coverage, easy to apply, budget friendly, foundation stick! Well, I find the formula too thick, the foundation looks super dewy and oily therefore I have to set with a lot of powder, and the wear isn’t that great. I tested this foundation throughout my 8 hour shift at work. I applied the foundation at 7am and by midday the foundation separated on my nose like no other foundation has done before. With every foundation, at lunch time I need to blot my t-zone and fix up the foundation on my nose but even my friend noticed that my nose was shockingly bad.

I have two shades. Just like in the concealer F6 is lighter than f5. I picked these two shades up so I could mix them to suit my fake tan. I like how both of the shades look, they are good for light-medium skin tones. I have obviously picked the shades that are more yellow toned, but the good thing about this foundation is that they have so many shades to suit all skin tones.

The stick is easy to apply and fast just like in the name. I do use this straight from the stick. Another foundation stick I use doesn’t tug on when applied straight onto the skin, but the the Makeup Revolution foundation stick one does a tiny bit. The coverage is amazing for a £5 foundation. I also like how pretty the sticks look. The nude, rose gold is still so pretty and one of my favourite packaging themes.

I would love this foundation if the formula wasn’t so oily and if I couldn’t feel the foundation on my skin. I am super picky over my foundations these days. I probably won’t use this again as I love other drugstore foundations that are only 2-3 pounds more.

I love Makeup revolution but I just don’t like their base products. Click here for my top favourite Makeup Revolution makeup products and here for the conceal and define concealer review.

I would really like to know your thoughts on the Makeup Revolution foundation stick! Thanks for reading.

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  1. em
    March 24, 2018 / 1:40 pm

    I haven’t tried this, but its a shame its oily!

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