My Fake Tan Routine

I LOVE fake tan so much. I have probably been using fake tan for 4 years now. I started off getting spray tans before experimenting with different products I can use at home. I won a Youtube giveaway once, including lots of fake tan products which enabled me to get started and practise. It didn’t take me long to be able to achieve a good tan every time. So, I started off by using a tinted moisturiser before moving onto mousses. I like a good dark tan therefore I preferred using the mousses. I like to be tanned all the time but it’s annoying that mousses are harder to scrub off and they don’t last as long, seeing as you can always top up a gradual tanner. It is more effort using mousses every week but it’s worth it to me seeing as I am overly pale. I think I have finally mastered fake tan. I know how to apply it and what works for me. It’s a bit sad that I plan around my tan, deciding when it will be scrubbed off and re-applied for different occasions but I like it! If you want to know why I wear fake tan you can read my post here.

First of all, I start by scrubbing off my old tan. I rub the Soap and Glory Scrub of Your Life all over my skin which is fake tanned, then use soap on my exfoliating gloves and have a good scrub! I also shave in the shower ready to fake tan. 

I then use a mitt to apply my favourite fake tan. Cocoa Brown is the best fake tan brand I have found for the price. It is good as 1 hour tan if you like a tiny bit of colour, however I sleep in the tan, wash it off in the morning and I am dark brown which is what I prefer! I will apply it in my bathroom, start with my legs and work my way up. I moisturise my knees and hands as product will cling to them dry areas and it’s not cute.

I moisturise my tan as it starts to fade. This is so it comes off easier, and don’t go patchy as bad as it would without the moisturiser, as your skin isn’t dry making the tan look terrible. I love spraying on my moisturiser as it is so much easier. I like how this Vaseline product is light making it feel nice and non-sticky and thick over my fake tan.

And that’s it! Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoyed!

Louise x


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