Makeup Revolution Contour & Sculpt Pro HD Review

I haven’t been able to stop going on about Makeup Revolution recently! My instagram followers have probably had enough… makeup revolution just looks too good in photos. My collection is slowly increasing in size with the many products I have been buying from this brand. In one of my many trips to superdrug, I saw a contour palette including 2 brushes and a sponge in a set. These sets have probably been brought out for Christmas, but of course I couldn’t wait. I’m always up for trying new contouring products and I am in need of new brushes. This was actually bought for me but I’m pretty sure it sells for £12 which is a bargain! The set was one of my favourite birthday presents because of course, I love makeup. There are also many other sets so hopefully I get another one for Christmas. So if contouring isn’t your thing, you should check out the other ones.

The contouring shades vary in undertones which is great. You are for sure going to find a shade for you. I personally use the more ashy toned shade (bottom row, second shade from left). I apply this after setting my face with powder with the contouring brush in the set. I really like the brush. It fits perfectly when I suck in my cheeks to apply the product, leaving a line which isn’t too thick. I find it easy to blend, however if I accidentally apply too much product, it will take up more of my time. I then apply bronzer above the contour, finished with highlighter on the tops of my cheek bones, and I am left with a pretty good contour if I say so myself. I haven’t actually tried any products in the top row, but I think the yellow shade will be good to set under my eyes.

The other brush in the set is not dense at all, I don’t really know what I’d use this brush for. Other than it sitting in my brush holder looking pretty. It definitely isn’t going to blend out the contour, or pick up enough product to set other creams or liquids. As for the sponge, I am going to be completely honest. It’s RUBBISH. I know the sponge is meant to be damp, but this is a whole new level. It takes my foundation away because of how wet it actually is. I get on so well with the original beauty blender and I have never had a problem with it so this is going in the bin! It’s also too big and overall, not good in my opinion, even if it is cheap (sorry).

I would love to try new products from Makeup Revolution. What do you recommend? 

Louise x



  1. December 4, 2016 / 11:48 am

    Lovely post, this looks like a good palette! I use the Kat Von D Shade + Light and I'm super happy with it 🙂 I can NEVER figure out the right brush to use for contouring though. They're either not dense enough, or too dense… it's such a hassle!


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