Zoella Christmas Range: My Picks and Thoughts

I love Zoella and I love Christmas, put those 2 together and you’d think it would be awsome! But for me… it’s a big fat UMMM yess… oh wait…no.So don’t get me wrong the small details looks amazing, the colours are amazing and it looks super cute. When I first heard Zoe was releasing a gingerbread fragrance I was super excited. I was banging on and on about picking the mist up constantly saying “who doesn’t want to smell like gingerbread at Christmas time?” (i now don’t hahahaha) When I finally ordered this I was very excited to open the cute gift set it came in. However, after smelling it I turned my nose up and wanted to get that smell off my arm as soon as possible. It’s safe to say I HATE gingerbread fragrances. It’s too sweet, too sugary, too cinamony and all around gross. I put the cream on my hands just before I came to write this post to see if the smell would magically become any nicer but sadly it didn’t. It’s a shame I don’t love her Christmas products due to the smell I’m sure I would have loved them otherwise. If you love this smell you’re probably wondering what I’m talking about! But I think I’ll just keep it to look pretty in pictures and in my room to keep my feeling festive.

These are actually the only products I own from Zoella Beauty and I can’t see myself buying anymore. I think I’ll stick to the lifestyle stuff. However, the writing on my cup is coming off so that looks crap now erghh! I dont know! Haha, anyway thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this short but sweet post.

Louise x



  1. November 29, 2016 / 9:01 am

    Ahhh i hate that when you've wanted something for so long and then it turns out not to be worth it!Still good blog props 😉 Can't believe the writing is coming off the cup already!

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