Magazine Freebiee: Thisworks Primer

I love buying magazines just for the free gifts! also like the things that allow you to smell a fragrance by peeling the sticker off, I’m always after a new favourite scent. When I saw ‘Mask, moisturiser and primer in one’ I was like what, how can that work? So I had to buy the magazine because I was curious. Plus, I was at the airport and had to wait around, so buying a magazine gave me something to do. For a free sample, the packaging is quite big so you are getting quite a fair bit of product to try out. I have never tried a product from thisworks so I was hoping for a great new primer for underneath my makeup. I have never got on with any primer before. I do not feel that any make my makeup look nicer or that it stays on longer than it normally does. My makeup at the moment is doing pretty well at staying on recently but that is all down to my favourite powder, so I wonder if I will find something amazing that gives my overall look something more!

I like how the name suggests a camera close-up. Seeing as no one is really going to be staring at me from a far I need to hope that my face looks good when I’m speaking to people at work. I don’t want them thinking I am a oily, patchy, icky mess do I? So when it came to trying out this product I actually enjoyed it. It comes out like a cream… phew I hate silicon feel products. I took a small amount and rubbed it into my skin and it sinked in quite quick. I feel like my makeup did then stick on to this product which I guess is a good thing I’m not much of a primer expert haha. The product did feel moisturising so I agree with that claim. My makeup did last a good 12 hours but again my powder can do this anyway.

Final thought: After using it a few times I still don’t understand how it works as a mask? A moisturising mask? Or something to help your skin kind of mask? Help me! However, it really does prolong the wear of my makeup and makes it look flawless. My makeup doesn’t wear off patchy and along with my MAC studio fix powder, my makeup really does last 12 hours (along with some touching up on my nose). Btw, I only know it lasts 12 hours because I work 9-5 all week and 5-9 3 times a week. I am not someone who usually wears makeup for 12 hours but now I have a full time job as well as a part time one it’s got to be done!

Have you tried this product? If not I recommend it. I’d love to hear your thoughts on any other products from this company that you like as I am interested in trying some more! Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed!

Louise x 


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