20 Things I’ve Learnt at 20

20 seemed so old to me when I was in school but OMG I have just turned 20? WHAT! I can’t believe I’m not a teenager anymore. I feel that I had a good childhood and have grown into a sensible young woman through different experiences. So, I thought I would write 20 things I’ve learnt at 20 for some of you who may still be in school or college and may find some helpful. Or maybe you’re just curious about my life and how I have grown up. These are more sensisble things I’ve learnt and can relate to everyday life. I feel that when I speak to younger people and see how they feel they need to act it makes me sad. So I hope this could help at least someone! I have a lot more to learn and loads more experiences to have but for now…

1. Never take your family for granted, listen to them. They may not always be right but most of the time they are
2. Friends are important, keep them (try not to cling on to people who are stuck up etc and find some real friends where effort comes from both ends, the amount of friends I left because I always had to start conversations and ask to meet up. I will never follow someone then let it get to me that they are not a true friend)
3. Boys are not everything (I never had a proper long term relationship till now and I have always wanted to be with one boy for the rest of my life. I never let not having a boyfriend get to me)
5. Doing what you want makes you happy, not what others want you to do
4. Life isn’t a competion
6. Try hard at school, but also give yourself time to be social too
7. Getting a part time job is helpful for confidence and obviously treating yourself
8. Using makeup isn’t such a bad thing after all
9. The pill is a good idea but keep in mind it’s not for everybody
10. Keeping important documents in a folder will save your life, you’ll never loose that birth certificate or bank statement when it comes to providing ID
11. If you can afford to drive you probably should, I hate relying on people. I wish I could drive.
12. It’s okay to not know what you want to do with your life. I started university but I’ve changed my mind it’s not for me. A change in direction can always be a good thing
13. Always stick up for yourself (I can’t stress this enough)
14. Be safe online
15. You don’t need to impress anybody with your appearance to feel good
16. Showing off your body just for male attention is embarrasing
17. You are not boring if you are not interested in clubbing, it would be better to save your money for holidays and travelling instead if it’s not your thing
18. Having savings for the future is good (trust me, I don’t have any and I wish I did)
19. Keep yourself to yourself, not EVERYONE needs to know that piece of information
20. Becoming domestic probably could help me in life, might as well do it now before you get older, have to live by yourself and have all the chores to do… god help me when that happens!

Do you agree with my list? Is there anything I have missed? And if you can relate to any of these please comment below and we can have a discussion!

Louise x


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