Weekend Report: Rain, Wine and the Titanic

Last weekend myself and my family took a trip to Belfast in Northern Ireland. There were loads of us as extended family came too. We all set off from Stansted airport in the UK. My Nan is from Ireland and there are so many family members of mine out there that I have not met before. My mum’s cousin was getting married so our purpose for the trip was the wedding however we all wanted to explore Ireland. I haven’t been on a plane since 2011 so I was a bit nervous. However, when I got to the airport I was so excited. I was talking so much shit on the plane. As the planes were queueing to take off I was watching every one I was amazed and was like “we are here and soon we are going to be in the sky like how?” I felt like a kid hyping over planes. Watching a plane take off is quite exciting for me lol wtf…

Day 1

Once we got to Belfast airport we collected our bags and got on the bus into the city centre. How we got on a bus with 10 suitcases between us I’ll never know! Then as soon as we got off the bus it started pouring but I wasn’t surprised it’s Ireland after all! So we walked with our umbrellas, pulling our cases to the Premier Inn in the city centre. The hotel felt so warm, cosy and inviting as soon as we walked in! We checked in and chilled in our rooms. I had to straighten my hair as it went slighty frizzy haha! Once it stopped raining we went to explore Ireland. My nan wanted to show me and my cousin where she grew up. I did think that Belfast was going to be a pretty city but umm I thought wrong haha. I can’t describe it! In a picture below you’ll be able to kind of see what I mean. It also shows how wet and gloomy it was but I didn’t care about that! When we got back to the hotel I got ready to go to dinner at the hotel. I had a burger and chips! We decided to go to the pubs and forgot my cousin is 16 and we got turned away by the bouncers DUH haha! So we had drinks at our hotel and my Nan’s sister and daughter came to see us! I had a few too many glasses of prosecco and I am rather funny (well I think I am) when I’m a bit drunk so everyone was laughing and having fun!


Day 2

We woke up early and went down to have a buffet breakfast! It was so nice and there was so much choice! I had eggs, bacon, sausages, toast, beans, tea, pancakes, muffins and a yogurt! That sounds a lot but it was all small and I had to fill myself up for the day! So then we got the tour bus to the Titanic Museum. We only went there because my mum wanted to go so badly, she is obsessed with the film! However, I am glad I did, it was so much better than I thought it would be and I recommend it as something to do if you ever visit Belfast! There was a little slow ride in there which takes you round to different parts where the story is explained. It was amazing to see how they made the boat and to find out how many accidents and deaths there were making the boat. We saw what the rooms were like and heard real voices of people who survived! Also, in a picture below you can see that the museum has been made in the place where the Titanic actually set off! We got back on the tour bus and it was 45 minutes till we got off again. I ended up feeling so hot and sick on the bus I was so excited to get off. I really needed to get to back to the hotel. I layed down and my auntie came in and felt how hot my head was! At 4, I was starving so me and my boyfriend ordered dominos and I think it actually made me feel better haha! We was so chilled in bed watching crappy TV. But, I needed to get up, shower again, re do my makeup and curl my hair as I had a wedding party to go to! It was good, we all had a laugh in the photo booths however I wasn’t in the best mood as I wasn’t really that great so I went back to the hotel at 12 how annoying! I would have loved to get up and boogie!

Day 3

Everyone was hanging. We went for buffet breakfast again because no one felt like getting ready and going out early. When I finished eating breakfast I literally felt like I was going to pass out like why did I have to feel ill when I’m on holiday erghhh?! I had to have a nap! My boyfriend woke me up as he made me a hot chocolate how cute and it was time to get ready to go out! I went to my mum’s room and told her how much I didn’t want to go back to the hotel the wedding was at and eat a roast dinner in a massive room full of so many people. My mum was so understanding and said I can do whatever I wanted to do that day. I thought she would be a bit upset that I wasn’t coming because all my Irish family would be there but that wasn’t the case! I decided to get ready and see how I felt about going out as I didn’t want to waste the day. I ended up being able to go out and visit the shops. They are the same as over here but still I can’t turn down shopping! I ended up getting a top, shirt and dress in Newlook and a green dress from Primark which you can see below. I decided to change into  the dress when I got back to the hotel as we planned to have some drinks with the family and my uncle who came to see us! I ended up feeling better and having banter with my family till 11. Then we had to go back to make sure our stuff is packed and get a good sleep!

On the last day we just had a little breakfast and got the bus back to the airport! My auntie got me a Dior lip gloss from duty free for my birthday yay! Once we got our flight back we waited to get picked up! We was all knackered! When I got back home I unpacked straight away, washed my hair and had dinner. Then I went to sleep so early! It seemed like the trip never even happened now because it went so quick! Even though we didn’t go away to a hot country it was still nice to get away and spend time with family! I loved how the weather was cold enough to wear jumper dresses and knee high boots. I don’t feel that I am ready for this here yet like yesterday I was a bit too hot in a cardigan and coat! I really loved staying in the Premier Inn, I literally felt like I was staying in a 5 star hotel. I don’t know what any other Premier Inn is like but maybe this one in Ireland is extra special haha! I could literally do a hotel review of how amazing it was haha but I won’t do that! I really want to visit the hotel in Ireland again soon just go get away and chill! That’s all from me in this post now about my trip. Sorry it was really long and rambly! Thank you for reading guys, hope you enjoyed this post!

Louise X


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