Testing Soap and Glory Makeup

Soap and Glory is a brand that I have not really been into till early this year. I knew that the brand have makeup products but I never really explored the stand on my trips to boots. I’m not sure why but I really wish I had. The products are good quality and the packaging of all their products is amazing. I love the names of the products and of course they are affordable! I got the blush, mascara, lipgloss and brow kit from my parents last christmas. As my mum knows I love the Soap and Glory body products she got me these on a whim. I was so happy when I got these so I went out and got some more products. I knew that I wanted to try the bronzer because I will try any as I love being super bronzed. The eyebrow pencil was a must because it was mentionned a lot in YouTube videos. Then when I saw that they released nude shades of lipstick I had to get one from the collection. As for the powder, I heard good things about it from one of my favourite bloggers who also has a YouTube channel- missbudgetbeauty. I have tested out these products quite a bit so I can give my honest opinions so I thought I’d share them with you if you are interested in Soap and Glory makeup- which you should be… and you’ll find out why!

So I am going to start with the Soap and Glory Kick Ass concealer as I feel that this was one of the first makeup products I had heard about. So the product includes 2 shades of concealers, a setting powder, a sponge and a small handy mirror. I’m not a makeup artist but I’m guessing the peachy toned concealer covers and the yellow colour highlights to hide under eye circles and darkness. Well, this is how I use it. I’d like to add that I was not going to bother tidying up this product to make it look nice in pictures. I literally keep it in a polly pocket so it doesn’t make my drawers dirty. It broke as soon as I got it seeing as it is snapped in half! Also the pans have fallen out so the packaging isn’t very good in my opinion.

I place the peach shade under my eye and the yellow shade to highlight my inner corner to add brightness. I feel that if you wanted bright under eyes you would need to use another concealer over the top. I made the mistake of using the yellow colour to completely highlight under my eye, the product defiently is not for that!!! It works, however I don’t really struggle that bad with my under eyes and I can brighten and conceal in one perfectly with my MAC prolong wear concealer so I feel that this just adds unncessary steps. However, I like the Maybelline eye ereaser but I don’t feel like it gives good coverage so I guess using that over the top of this product could be handy. The setting powder is average it does the job! The concealer blends out beautifully and it does look nice. So if you suffer with your under eyes in anyway I feel like you would love this and should give it a try!

Next is the powder products! I don’t think you can go wrong with the powder products from this brand. As the name suggests the powder is perfect for blotting away throughout the day if you have a long day at work or you are having a day/night out and need something to take with you. However, I have used this to set my whole face and it worked well. I have found a powder that keeps my makeup on all day, therefore this one doesn’t exactly match up to it however it is still good. I went out for a few hours and came back and I was a tad shiny however my makeup hadn’t gone patchy. I think that if I was out longer it would have gone patchy though. It doesn’t leave a white mask over my face like some powders do which don’t have any colour to them which is a plus. I recommend this product to anyone who likes to blot throughout the day to touch up. The bronzer is absolutey amazing and defiently a stand out product. The two shades work well for different skin tones. The lighter bronze shade is perfect for pale skin and it isn’t orange for sure! I use this by swirling my brush into the pan and bronzing my cheeks and temples and it works so well! I seem to be choosing this over my go to Benefit hoola bronzer… Now blush isn’t something that I should be reviewing haha! I doooo notttt like blush AT ALL… I have rosy red cheeks anyway which is annoying and I don’t want to bring them out even more. I feel like covered by foundation they show through nicely to show a flush of pink which means that it looks like I can apply blush properly which is good. I haven’t tried many blushers so I can’t really comment. I applied this to my cheeks and woah it was super pink, super pigmented and super glittery. I do not recommend this product for a blush. However, I have applied this a few times on high points of the cheeks for some kind of glow. It is too much for a highlight seeing as it is pink so I am not sure how I feel about this product.

You should really try out the eye products from Soap and Glory. I really think they are good for your money. I feel that if you are looking for a good eyebrow product you should go to the Soap and Glory stand first for sure as they have a wide variety of items to offer and you sure are going to find a perfect colour for you. If you are blonde and love an ashy brow you will certaintly get that here. I’m not the biggest fan of eyebrow pencils but the brow archery pencil is good if you like that sort of thing. It is a perfect colour match for my brows. I do find it difficult to apply but maybe that’s because I prefer powders, however if you need a quick and natural brow this will work wonders. Plus you have a brush on the end which is very helpful!

The mascara coats your lashes nicely and gives you some volume whilst also keeping them fluttery by clumping less than other mascaras. I feel that you can layer this mascara up for something more. I love the packaging, and I do feel like you get some lashes thick and fast! I really don’t like my eyelashes so this really does help them to stand out. I feel that you can’t go wrong with this mascara as it’s quick and easily to apply as the brush just easily glides through your lashes. It doesn’t seem to transfer easily either. I used to use this on top of Benefit’s roller lash mascara for an extra something so you can also use this with other mascaras. However, on it’s own it still works well.

I honestly CANNOT express how much I love this eyebrow kit. I decided to not clean this up before I took any pictures to show you how loved this product is. I have used this everyday since I got it and with that being said, I haven’t hit pan on the powders so this is worth every penny. So when I first opened the kit I was like … what is this green colour doing? I don’t want green eyebrows? But as soon as I put it on my eyebrows I was amazed. It is the perfect ash toned eyebrow powder I have ever used. I even love the applicators it comes with and I choose them over my other eyebrow brushes. I use the wax to set the powder sometimes. It comes with a cream highlight for the brow bone but I choosen not to use that but I am sure it is good! I have used the darker brown shade for when I have had my brows tinted and it works well too. I feel that if you do not want any orange tones in your eyebrows that some brown shades give you, you will love this and it will do the job at giving you a defined and well filled in brow. If I could suggest just one product from every Soap and Glory product I’d pick this one.

Lastly, I have two lip products to show you. I have the sexy mother pucker lipstick from the nude collection in the shade 5th avenue which is matte. It is a gorgeous nude pink lipstick for those days where you want some colour but not too much. For example, I wore this to an interview and it was perfect. It applys nicely and it feels nice on the lips. It isn’t too drying. As well, I have a sexy mother pucker lipgloss which ‘plumps’ your lips providing you with that tingly feeling which personally I do not like. This lipgloss also doesn’t taste nice to me, it’s like a strong fake chocolatey taste. This is the only product I’d pass on and I don’t think it really does much plumping anyway and it doesn’t last long.

I know this is a very long post but I feel that it was necessary. I love Soap and Glory products so I wanted to give my opinions on the products as they are honestly amazing and you should check them out, especially the brow kit and the bronzer! Do you have any favourites from this brand? If so I’d love to know! Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

Louise x


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