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So I love Zoe, I have been a huge ‘fan’ for yearsss so whenever she brings out a new range I want everything from it! This is the first thing I have bought out of everything Zoe has released just because I haven’t needed anything really until now that she has brought out something different. The beauty range looks amazing but I don’t really like having baths I am more of a shower kind of girl so the fizzers and bath lattes are not for me, and my skin is pretty sensitive to be trying lots of body creams. I also felt that the scents haven’t been something I really wanted to be smelling like, but now I am actually going to use something EVERYDAY! As soon as I watched her video I knew I was going to be getting the cup, like how could you not? When I walked into my local boots and saw the stand of her lifestyle range I instantly LOVED everything  It is all so pretty and cute and it has more use for me. The cup came in a cute box with a pair of fingerless gloves for £14. It is a cute idea to include gloves seeing as there are obviously no handles! However, I do like to cup it with my hands and fingers when I drink so I probably won’t use these much… but hot chocolate made with milk is fine for me to hold but I haven’t tried this with tea yet! At first I thought it was a little bit pricey and I had to think about it a lot before I purchased but now that I have it I am glad I got it! I mean you could get a pair of gloves from primark for a pound and probably a cup for less than 5 but hey ho gotta give some support!

I love coming home at 9pm from work and making a hot chocolate in my new cup! I love how you can screw the lid on to ensure that hot drinks are not going to be spilt all over you! It looks really cute on my bed side table too! I can’t wait to take this out with me to make my hot drinks in at work. It is very light and will fit perfectly in my bag to take out with me (obviously with nothing in it). Before I used it I did give it a good wash to make sure it’s clean duhh but also because I hate it when you take drinks from a cup and it tastes awful because you get a mixture of the flavour of the drink and the plastic- gross! I had to throw away a cup like this I got from B&M because it just tasted disgusting but I don’t have any trouble with this one! Even though I said I felt like I didn’t need anything from Zoella Beauty I am thinking about getting the mist and hand cream set from her new Christmas range. I feel like I would want to smell like gingerbread all autumn and winter! I can’t wait to get my hands on those but the set is currently sold out online at the moment!

Have your purchased anything from Zoella Lifestyle or thinking about it? 

Louise x


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  1. January 17, 2017 / 2:31 pm

    I got her backpack which included pencils a keyring and the mug which i love so much! Great post! x

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