Boux Avenue PJ Set Review

I wanted a nicer pair of PJS that were more ‘grown up’ and not from Primark. My PJ drawer is full of cosy ones and thicker winter ones but none that I partically would want my boyfriend to see. Like I have had some of them since I was 16/17. None them scream I am almost a 20 year old women. You know when women on TV shows look nice in their ‘sexy’ ish PJS around their partner in bed and look like they have their life together, yeah? no? I wanted to be like that. Not that boys care what PJS you are wearing, or do they? But it would be nice to feel femine in a silky, lacy 2 piece. I had also looked at these online so when I saw a stand outside the shop saying students 20% off I rushed to get these! They are so pretty! I feel like if you are going away for the weekend with your partner these would be a nice little treat to make you feel better and comfortable around them. Or if it is your first night sleeping with your boyfriend and wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing basic PJS, sleeping naked or with underwear on haha!

I can’t wait to wear these! I got them for £28 and they were originally £35 so not cheap. But Boux Avenue have great quality items and they are super cute. I really love the shop and I’ve purchased a bra from them before which will last me ages as I don’t think it could ever look old and over worn. I mean I’m not going to wear these at home chilling in my room doing nothing so I guess it is expensive seeing as I won’t wear them alot. But I couldn’t pass them! The women who served me in the shop was literally SO lovely and helpful so my trip was good. They also wrapped them up nicely in tissue paper so that they were protected for the rest of my shopping trip and gives an extra luxury touch!

P.S. I don’t think you have to dress to make men think you are sexy but me personally I do like to make myself feel more girly and prettier. And theres nothing wrong with a little treat for your man anyway! If your partner cares a lot about your looks and what you wear all the time you should probably question the relationship though.

Love Louise x


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