A Cosy Cold Autumn Day

I feel like autumn is everyone’s favourite month and it certaintly is for me too! As soon as it hit September everyone was excited, espeically on my twitter timeline! I feel that now it is October I can finally feel that is acceptable to really get into the autumn mood. The spicy scented candles are back, I am bringing out the boots and drinking hot chocolate. I am most excited for the first day I can reach for my jumper dresses that are waiting for me in my wardrobe, and the tights tucked away in my drawers. You can’t beat autumn/winter fashion. I also love autumn because Halloween is close as well as my birthday and then it’s Christmas, I just love the feeling at Christmas time. I’m sure I am not the only one who loves feeling cosy. I love wrapping up and wearing my dressing gown. Relaxing in the summer just isn’t the same, you are too hot and sweaty so you just lie on your bed half naked with the window open and then all the bugs creep in. So I thought I’d write a post of what I do to be cosy on an autumn day.

1. Decorate my room

You can feel very autumnal just by changing your room around and swapping things out. Adding some brown and orange colours, new bedding, fairy lights and candles give you the warm, cosy vibe you’re looking for.

Image Credit: Jessica

2. Dive into my jumpers and pjs!

Wearing cute jumpers or pjs will make you feel super comfortable when you are snuggled up in bed. I’m not someone who gets ready when I am just staying in the house for the day. If I was to go out I’d come back in and get straight back into my pjs and take my makeup off! I love this super cute jumper below, from Primark for just £5. I love the saying and also it’s pink! Perfect. You should check out the jumpers Primark have to offer to chill in instead of wearing your best to stay in bed. They also have amazing pjs and they are always my go to!

3. Make a warm drink

Laying in bed with a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate will warm you up if your house is freezing. I love english tea or a hot chocolate topped with loads of whipped cream! No marshmellows though, I literally cannot look at them without feeling sick. I love this Cath Kidston mug. The cup is a perfect size for tea. I feel like I am missing the perfect mug for hot chocolate though.

4. Watch your favourite TV series or films

With your cute warm jumper, hot drink, in your cosy autumnal sheets the perfect way to top this off is to binge on TV! If you’re looking for a girly funny film I recommend watching Bad Moms which I reviewed here. If you are a fan of watching series on netflix I suggest Scream (my absolute favourite), Bates Motel, Jane the Virgin, 90210, Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars. I am currently getting into Stranger Things and American Horror Story.

5.  Spend time on you laptop

If you’re feeling super autumnal now, you could create a blog post that is super fitting to your mood. A lookbook? Favourite dark lipsticks? What you also do on a cosy cold autumn day? You can watch endless DIY videos on youtube as well as hauls and makeup tutorials which are good for this time of year. Also, you could do some cheeky online shopping for an autumn wardrobe or maybe early christmas presents? I love siting in bed on my laptop as it’s comfortable and I prefer it to sitting at a desk but that is just me.

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Lots of love, Louise X


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