Bicester Village Haul

When my mum mentioned going to a discount outlet I was all up for it. However, I really did not think it was going to be so far away I was ready for a half an hour journey. An hour and a half later we arrived and I couldn’t wait to stand up and stretch! I have gone further on motorways obviously but I wasn’t prepared for this one. Plus motorways make me anxious and I was so tense.

Bicester Village is a designer outlet shopping centre in Oxford. It offers many brands that I buy from and many brands that I can’t afford such as Burberry and Versace! I found some real bargains and I am so happy with my purchases!

I am so happy I finally have a Calvin Klein underwear set! I have been wanting these for ages but I just couldn’t justify the price, however when I saw a Calvin Klein underwear store I headed straight for it. I couldn’t leave the discounted underwear when I would pay full price for it! As for the Ted Baker bag, how could I miss this. I am obsessed it is so pretty. It is going to be perfect for using as an everyday makeup bag to keep in my handbag taking out just the essentials. Cath Kidston must be my favourite brand at the moment. My mum is obsessed with it and now I am too! When I saw this purse I needed to get it, it’s so cute. The part of the purse that holds the change can be taken out which is handy when you don’t want fiddle around only being able to stretch it open the tiniest bit. I can’t wait to take the wash bag away with me it’s big enough to fit everything in! I can’t wait to use the lanyard to show my ID in my new job.

What is your favourite item from this haul?

Louise x



  1. September 2, 2016 / 9:44 pm

    My favourite part of buying products from shops like Ted Baker are the bags that you get, they’re very cool ideas for decorating a bedroom and it sounds stupid but it looks great 😀 I love the Cath Kidston, very cool indeed
    Klaudia x x

  2. September 3, 2016 / 3:50 am

    You got the cutest stuff! And it's even better that they were for a bargain! I do need to be mentally prepared to take long car journeys too haha. Great post 🙂


    • September 3, 2016 / 11:51 am

      I know right it is all so cute! Haha glad I'm not the only one Xx

  3. September 3, 2016 / 1:23 pm

    I love everything you bought! The Ted Baker makeup bag is so cute xx

    • September 3, 2016 / 1:24 pm

      I can't get over it, it was only £12 Xx

  4. September 14, 2016 / 10:38 pm

    Love Bicester Village! I went there a couple of weeks ago and got a pair of Saint Laurent boots (that are current season) for 75% off, was so chuffed! Defo want to go back there soon, think I might get some Calvins too!

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