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I was curious to try out Asda Makeup to find out if it is actually any good or a waste of money. Whenever I walk down the beauty isle I always look at the other brands they sell such as Rimmel and Maybelline but I never think to check out their own brand. I had a quick browse and picked up 3 items. But I must add, nothing really jumped out at me and made me feel like I should be visiting the counter again.

I took to twitter and ran a poll to see what people thought of the Asda makeup range. There was a fair share of people who said it’s not worth trying, however a follower replied saying that the nail varnishes are good. As they are normally on offer for £1.75 each it didn’t really matter if they were rubbish. I know that they have a thin brush which is a downside for me as I find they make it harder for me to apply nail varnish which I already am not very good at however on the plus side they claim to be quick drying. If these nail varnishes are any good, I won’t waste time sitting around waiting for them to dry like I do for what feels like forever with Barry M polishes. I decided to pick up a mauve one which is a colour I am loving at the moment. As I don’t have a black nail varnish and Halloween is only round the corner I thought it would be the perfect time to pick a black one up too.

I quickly scanned the counter to find something else to try. With funky packaging, the brow gel caught my eye so I picked the blonde shade up. I love to try brow gels as they are helpful when you are going for a natural look. I also find that they are good when I have just had my eyebrows tinted and they need to just be combed into shape and set. 


The brow gel is not my favourite to use on it’s own. I feel that it doesn’t really do anything except comb my brows into shape which I could do with any free tiny brush that comes in most kits. The brush doesn’t pick up much of the product in the tube. I prefer the Maybelline brow drama over this as it makes my brows look better just on it’s own and it actually puts colour into my brows. I wouldn’t recommend picking up this product. As for the nail polishes, they are amazing. Two coats is all you need and they honestly do dry quick! I had no trouble with them and I think I’d pick up these over Barry M as I am always drawn to the brand because of the amount of colours they have. 

What do you think of Asda’s makeup range?

Louise x


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