My Autumn/Winter Wishlist

Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons of the year. There are always wishes that I make to myself (they never happen but that is besides the point) which make me happy. Having an aim is something to live for and I find myself accomplishing almost one thing. I can look back at my wishes and do something about them to make them happen. I made a Summer wish list in July which seems not so long ago but summer is now gone and I have new goals for the upcoming months. As new school terms have started there are things I’d like to change to help me enjoy the seasons more.

Keeping up and staying on track

Motivation is something I lack and I always wish that some would come upon me so that I can achieve important things which will benefit my life. As a college student who has other things on my mind coursework is something that I tend to put off and will find myself doing something else
like watching The Vampire Diaries which is what has distracted me recently. As I relaxed in summer and did whatever I wanted to do I need to come out of that and stay focused. The first day back at college was already stressful from the amount of resubmissions I need to complete let alone other assignments I need to start! It’s overwhelming and I just wish some motivation will come soon so that I can stay up to date with everything work doesn’t pile up like I left it do in my first year.

Spending more time with my family

As a child I had no care in the world it was so much easier, but as a teenager you find yourself thinking that your ‘reputation’ is all that matters, and everything you do makes you want to care about what others think. I’m sure everybody feels embarrassed being seen out with their parents/grandparents etc and that was me. I am not completely out of this stage but I can tell I have recently started to not care and get on with what I want to do, because at the end of the day family is what matters the most and the memories created with your family are the best. Therefore, I want to start spending time with my family. I also want to spend time with them more because I am mostly in my room in a mood thanks to hormones.

Get in the festive mood

Christmas is my favourite time of the year and I want to get into the mood rather than waiting for it to come. As you get older the preparation and build up for Christmas is fun. I want to do this by going ice skating, going shopping with my friends to buy gifts, visiting Winter Wonderland, spending time at London- the decorations and lights really make it feel like Christmas and most of all watching Christmas films with friends and family. Last year I let my mum decorate the tree herself, I’m not even sure if my brother helped as we was moody teenagers who just wanted to be on the Internet. However this year, I want to create special memories and help out rather than being lazy which brings me on to my next point…

Spend less time on the Internet

This is something that I must do in order to achieve in life. In the future I will ask myself why I spend so much time on the Internet rather than studying and working. TV shows have taken over my life and it’s almost turned into an addiction. I also spend way too much time on my phone too speaking to my friends or going on social networking sites. I need to spend time with my friends in person instead. If I stay off the Internet things will get done such as my coursework and revision for GCSE re-takes. I don’t mean stay completely off but I spent way too many hours on my laptop and sometimes it’s just procrastination.

Hope you have enjoyed this post, what is on your wishlist?

Louise x


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