Autumn/Winter Essentials

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In autumn/winter the fashion is at it’s best. Warm coats, heeled boots, jumpers are my favourite things to wear and on lazy days hoodies really come in handy to keep warm- I currently have an obsession with anything with text on as you can see from the ‘I love sleep” choice. I am hoping for snow this year so I can get my wellies out, £80 worth of wellies don’t just need to be sitting with the rest of my shoes for a whole year again. Autumn/Winter is when my lipstick craze comes out, red and purple lips are my favourite colours to wear therefore I am looking forward to wearing dark lip colours and my M.A.C Up The Amp lipstick is feeling rather unloved. I will not go out without my lipstick in Autumn/Winter and my nude colours are pushed slightly to the back of my collection. Glitter makes nails look so pretty for Christmas time. Accessories such as head warmers and gloves are also an essential as it is vital to keep warm, especially when I have to walk to places.

What are your Autumn/Winter essentials?


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