No7 goodies!

No7 is a brand that doesn’t really stand out to me whilst shopping in the drugstore and whilst there stand looks professional and high end like it still doesn’t interest me and I never find myself looking at the products. My Nan on the other hand uses No7 products and enjoys them so I guess I see it as a more mature women’s makeup brand. When my Nan gets free gifts with purchase she will give them to me and I am not really interested but I take them anyway like the makeup addict I am. 

In the cute packaged gift box I got a mascara, eyeshadow and a chubby stick(which was awful so I cannot include it in this picture lol) and a skin illuminator. I think I took the gift mainly because of the illuminator as I haven’t got one of these in my collection and I have recently heard a lot about them.

The eyeshadow has very cute packaging and will look nice in your collection however the eyeshadow is meh, a greyish silverish colour with not so much pigment but still a nice colour but it wouldn’t stand out to me if I was shopping for one of their eyeshadows. I haven’t really used this so I don’t have much to say about it but when I swatched it there wasn’t much colour to show.

The mascara Exceptional Definition on the other hand is my new love. I have been having fights between my eyelashes and my eyelash curlers for a while. My eyelashes grow straight out and getting them in the eyelash curler is a struggle I definitely need a new one. When I was using my Maybelline the falsies it was making my eyelashes look awful they were not helping the eyelashes to curl however this mascara makes my eyelashes look amazing. The wand allows me to get right into the root and separates my lashes and never clump! The mascara is based on lengthening and defining the lashes and there are two sides to the wand. One which defines and lengthens the lashes and the other to add a bit of volume to the lashes. I like the way my lashes look with just the side for lengthening but I do use the other side of the wand to give some volume on natural days where I don’t want a lot going on but still some volume. If I wanted more volume I would add another coat of a volumising mascara and then go back with this mascara to unclump my lashes. For everyday makeup this is perfect for me!

The skin illuminator which I think is new (correct me if I am wrong) is again my new love. On it’s own it gives my skin a touch of dewyness and improves the look of my dry skin. I think it helps even out my skin tone on my skin and I would wear this on my skin alone if I was in a rush with my makeup with just some mascara. I also love using this before my foundation to make my foundation dewy. I have gone past the matte days and I am all about the dewy skin. This works perfectly at giving me the dewy skin with no glitter,shimmer etc. I have also mixed this in with my foundation and used on its own over foundation as a highlighter and it has still impressed me. I love it!

I am totally obsessed with the mascara and skin illuminator and I will be repurchasing them in the full sizes. Maybe my love for No7 products is coming alive! Have you got any No7 loves? Let me know.

Louise x



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