Coco Brown 1 Hour Tan Review

Hi guys,

So today I have a post for you about a tan I have been using recently that I absolutely love. As my auntie is a spray tanner I have been obsessed with being tanned. As I have really fair skin if I was to tan naturally I would just burn even with factor 50!! As I love to be tanned everyday I decided to try fake tanning myself. I stated off applying a gradual tanner but it wasn’t what I really wanted as I love to have a darker tan to last me a week rather than keep having to keep reapplying. I had seen a blogger/youtuber rave about a fake tan product and I read numerous reviews about it to see if I would like it and then I went out and brought it. The instructions say that you should apply it and leave it on for 1 hour if you want a light tan, 2-3 hours for a medium tan or 4 hours for a darker tan. When I applied it I would leave it on for 4 hours and as suggested for an even darker I’d have a quick shower and reapply it. (Do not use shower gel/soap when having the first shower after applying your tan) Now I have learnt that I can do one layer and leave it on over night and it will come out dark therefore I am saving product. When I have a shower in the morning I literally spend 1 minute or less in there so that all the tan doesn’t come off.

Marissa Carter’s idea behind the tan is that you can apply it 1-4 hours before you are going out e.g to special occasions and wash it off and you’re good to go. I like to use this as my normal tan instead. I like to apply my tan before I got to bed and leave it on at night and then wash it off in the morning for a dark tan that will last me for a week. I will then scrub it off and reapply. Rather than using St.Tropez I like to use this as it is cheap and I can get multiple uses out of it. It’s never ending, when I thought I had hardly any left I went and brought more but used what was left from the opened bottle and ended up getting a full body application out of it! When I use this in the winter, I will not apply the tan to my legs just my upper body as no one will be seeing my legs in the cold months. In the summer, the only bad thing about applying tan yourself is that you have to be extra careful on your legs. I make sure I have no streaks and that it is rubbed in properly. In the morning I have a quick shower and I pat my legs first so that the legs are perfect otherwise you cannot wear dresses, shorts, playsuits and skirts etc. When you are drying pat yourself dry do not rub.

This tan claims to have a nice smell to it rather than a biscuit scent that most tans have. When you are first applying the tan it smells nice like a perfume however when it develops it turns into a biscuit scent. The tan dries fast, I will stand there for a few minutes before applying clothing. The tan is streak free and easy to apply. It also has a tint to it therefore when you are applying you can see where you may have missed. Once I have a shower in the morning the tan is flawless and it is brown not orange! This tan lasts me for a week and it washes away evenly. I will start off with a dark tan and as the week goes on it gets lighter until it starts to become patchy however before it comes patchy you will know when to wash it off. After the first day of having the tan I will use a moisturiser as it helps the tan to stay nice for longer. This tan is also easy to get off. To get this tan off I will use a soap with alcohol in then use exfoliating mitts to scrub it off. This will take half an hour to do in the bath.

Overall this tan is perfect for times when you need a quick bronze before you go out and it is also good for being left on over night. It is long lasting and is flawless. For an amazing tan that won’t cost a lot of money I recommend this. You can buy it here for £7.99.


In these pictures I look more pink but that is just from the lighting, also these are after a few days of having the tan. Hope this helped if you are thinking of buying this tan. I recommend it!

What do you think? Have you tried it?

Louise x



  1. July 4, 2014 / 6:42 pm

    I don't use false tan. Part of me wants to but part of me enjoys being pale. Your tan looks so natural and not orange at all!

    • July 4, 2014 / 7:46 pm

      Thank you! I don't like being pale as finding a foundation shade light enough is hard and I can get away with bronzer and more makeup!Xx

  2. July 6, 2014 / 12:01 pm

    I've used this and I found it absolutely awful! My friends had the same problem as I did, It was streaky, and left marks if it wasn't blended quick enough! Glad you liked it though:)
    Xo emma | |

    • July 6, 2014 / 1:04 pm

      I've never had a problem with streaks but I've learnt from the blending issue and it's been fine ever since. I read loads of good reviews before I made the purchase Xx

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