River Island Haul

I wouldn’t really say this is a haul as it’s only 2 items but.. I couldn’t think of a title so this will do. So as I said I have been loving online shopping I just had to make this order from River Island quick as possible and I didn’t want the items to sell out.

Bag- Black Tassel Bucket Bag

Top- Black Cami

 I needed a new bag for college to fit my texts books and folders in and I think that this will be perfect as it is big and spacious  My auntie has this bag in brown and it fits so much in therefore I just had to get it. I think the bag is better in black for me because dirt won’t show up and I am going to be using it ALOT! Also black will go with any outfit in my wardrobe.

The tassel detail on this bag is cute. I had a bag with a tassel on before from River Island and it fell off but as I said my auntie has this bag, she has had it for ages and it hasn’t fallen off so I think I wont have to worry. This bag also has different compartments to fit in keys, phone, lip balm and all the essential things you need to look for quickly. What I love about this bag is that it has a handle and a strap therefore as I am going to be carrying it around a lot I can carry it on my arm or put the strap on my shoulder. These are normally the kind of bags I go for.

As for the cami top these are all on trend and I think they are an essential in anyone’s wardrobe. They can be worn with a skirt or jeans etc and they come in all different colours. I think I will need to buy more colours as I can tell I will be reaching for this top a lot!

So that’s it for my haul but another one will be coming soon! What’s your favourite the bag or top?

Louise x


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