August Favourites

So here’s a list of my items I have been loving this month- the year is going by so quick and it feels like only yesterday I broke up from school and now college is only around the corner!


Clarins Rouge Éclat Lipstick- A coral coloured lipstick which gives you a quick lash of colour that lasts all day. Review here

Benefit Dandelion Blusher- This blusher gives you pink toned cheeks which looks natural and it isn’t too ‘out there’ I am not a big fan on blusher so I really do like this one! I prefer wearing blusher when i have a tan therefore if you are a lover of fake tan like me you will also love this blush.

Real Techniques buffing brush- I like to use this brush for my foundation or buffing concealer in. It is amazing! Also if you have gone over board on blush/bronzer this can be used to tone it down(this is what i have mostly been using the brush for this month as I am heavy handed)

Skin Care

Clean&Clear Dual Moisturiser- I have used this moisturiser everyday this month. I love how it hasn’t got any radiance effects in it and it is just a simple moisturiser to go under your makeup. here

Dirty Works body moisturiser- I have had sensitive skin lately and I have been reaching for this because it hasn’t been affecting my skin. here


H&M leggings- At last, I have found a decent pair of leggings! I can now finally go out without worrying about people seeing my knickers(I get so paranoid and I hate seeing other girls knickers through their leggings, so not classy) These are thick and theres no way anyone will be seeing my knickers so I can now be confident in leggings. They are also cheap. These are far better than Topshop leggings. here


Music- Chris Brown ft Nicki Minaj Love more

Conor Maynard- R U Crazy

I have so many more things that I could write for my monthly favourites but these are just a few things that have really stood out to me!

Louise x


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