Lately, I have been going into Primark and can’t help but buy a couple of things. I have months where I won’t even go into a Primark but recently I want everything in there! I would usually buy essential things in there but the summer clothing has been great this year.

As I usually wear very simple things I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and buy more pretty, eye catching things rather than looking boring especially as it’s the summer. The dress selection caught my eye. I have brought 2 summer dresses and a maxi dress and the quality is amazing and for such a cheap price you cannot go wrong!

This dress is perfect! The detail is amazing and it is elastic at the waist so it shows off your figure and it is a very light dress for them hot summer days when you don’t want heavy clothing stuck on you all day. At £13 this dress is perfect, so if you see this in Primark defiantly check it out. They also have many other dresses in so many designs you defiantly will find the one that suits your style! 

Louise x


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