MUA nail polish

I have always been a lover of MUA cosmetics, the quality of what you pay for is beyond amazing however there are always some products in every brand that are just a waste of time but you can’t complain with the price of MUA.

When I saw the new nail polishes I just wanted every colour and when I saw the price tag well why not? They are only £1 and the colour range is good.

(bad quality picture…sorry)

These could be considered as a dupe for Essie as the packaging are almost the same however I don’t think they last as long. The bottles of nail polish are small but I cant complain as they are only £1.

Overall, if you are on a budget these are the perfect nail polishes for you, however if you don’t have time to re paint your nails once they are chipped I’d go for the Essie nail polishes.

Louise x


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