Conor Maynard

My love for Conor Maynard

I first started to like Conor Maynard when his single Vegas Girl came out. Vegas Girl is his second single. His first was Can’t Say No. Of course I liked the song but I didn’t pay attention to him. I watched a live stream that Conor did and instantly fell in love with him. He made me laugh and I loved his personality. Then he started to sing Marvin’s Room by Drake. Normally when I watch singers start singing an acoustic song on a live stream I cringe (don’t know why) but Conor’s singing was different. He has an amazing talent and I think that he is one of the few singers who can sing well without auto tune etc.

After the live stream I decided to check out his channel on YouTube skillzaisherebooya and ConorMaynardVEVO. His video dairies and his Conorcles made me laugh so much. From then on I became a fan girl.

On the 28th of August Conor Maynard followed me on twitter. I tweeted him saying ” I love you.” I didn’t expect Conor to see this as it wasn’t much of an original tweet and it wouldn’t have stood out but to my surprise he notice me. It was strange at how I remember this but I looked at the time when I tweeted Conor. Then half an hour later (33 minutes to be precised) Conor followed me. So could he have been stalking my tweets?.. 😉 When I saw that my followers had gone up I checked to see who it was. When I saw ‘Conor Maynard’ with the blue verified tick I was like ‘What…” I also had to make my friend check that I wasn’t dreaming. I still remember exactly how i reacted. I was shaking so much, I couldn’t believe that he followed me. I also rang up all my friends like “OMG CONOR MAYNARD JUST FOLLOWED ME AHHHH” They all got excited for me. I wish I could go back and re live that moment.

Conor’s first album was released called Contrast. I instantly went to the shop and brought it. Then he started a album tour in October 2012.  When he released the dates I was so excited. He was doing a concert in London on the 29th at Shepherds Bush Empire. I asked my friend if she wanted to go and she was up for it. Unfortunately the tickets were going on sale on a school day. I don’t know what happened but I ended up not getting tickets at all. I was so upset and I really wanted to go.

My birthday was coming up and my friends had all got me a massive surprise that I obviously didn’t know about. The concert tickets were sold out on ticket master then and I didn’t know that other sites had tickets available. I kept asking what my surprise was to get any clues but they wouldn’t give me any sort of clue. I then asked “Am i going to see Conor Maynard” they were all shocked that I said it and started laughing. They then said “As if we would all afford to buy you tickets for Conor Maynard” and as clueless as I was I believed them. I then kept moaning to my friend that I wasn’t going to see him and she kept telling me “Don’t worry you will see him one day”. But obviously the next tour was so far away. Leading up to the last day of school before we broke up for half term which was the 26th there was 3 days to go till Conor’s concert. My friends said “Louise we need to tell you something” and I was like ‘….’ and they were then like “YOU’RE GOING TO SEE CONOR MAYNARD”. I literally cried my eyes out. It didn’t sink in that I was actually going to see Conor even when I was in the car to drive to London with my friends it didn’t feel like i was going to actually see him.

At the Concert I met a girl called Jess. She was so nice and she had seen Conor before. This however was my first concert. I have non stopped spoke to Jess since that day and I can tell she is going to be a friend for life. If i didn’t go to Conor’s concert I wouldn’t have met this amazing girl. Me and Jess are planning on going to Brighton for the day. As Conor is from Brighton we are going to go visit the place he grew up in. I especially want to go to the beach and pier as Conor filmed one of his videos on ConorMaynardVEVO there. Hopefully when we are there we will bump into Jack Maynard… haha never going to happen!

I have also met lots of Mayniacs (Conor’s fan name) along the way. They have been great and it’s amazing to be able to talk to people with the same interest as you. You can talk to them as much as you want about Conor. It’s different because your real friends don’t want to listen to you go on and on and on about a celebrity. I have met a girl called Daisy and it’s so weird how much we have in common. We both like Conor Maynard, we both have the same fashion sense, we also like to buy the same beauty products. Also we got the same Christmas present without both of us knowing that we was going to get it… creepy. We both have a blog too she has only just started though like me. Her blog is

                                                    My own footage of Conor singing (very poor i know)

                                                                        But i was so close!

                                                                    Tonez and Jack Maynard

                                            Jack  waved at me, and Tonez the drummer also waved 🙂 

The outfit I wore on the day (also a bad picture)

But as you can see I wore a casual top from topshop which just says NY with a black skater skirt also from topshop. I then had on a pair of tights and white converse. This outfit looked nice and not too dressy!

Louise x


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